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2011 Wisecracking Gingerbread Boy *Action Activated

2011 Wisecracking Gingerbread Boy *Action Activated

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Hallmark Wisecrackin Gingerbread Boy Man Motion Activated. This is a Hallmark Wisecrackin' Gingerbread Man. Put him in the kitchen, cupboard, or next to treats! He sings and speaks when you get near him. New with tags. Motion activated. He sings: "If you're craving something sweet...Help yourself, but DON'T EAT ME! Candy canes are my suggestion...I could give you INDIGESTION!" He says six phrases: "You know what's really good to eat instead of me? Carrots! MMM...Delicious Christmas Carrots! "Back Away from the Gingerbread Boy! He is NOT delicious. I repeat, He is NOT delicious!" "Why couldn't I have been born a fruitcake? Nobody EVER wants to eat them!" "You know... I think I saw a Snickerdoodle around here somwhere. Here Doodle Doodle! HERE Doodle!" "I heard a rumor that eating gingerbread automatically gets you on the naughty list....JUST SAYIN'" "Oh, I wouldn't make a very good snack. Even my JOKES are stale!

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