HALLMARK ORNAMENTS, Secondary Market - 1973 thru 2016 Keepsake Ornaments, Since 1990
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All ornaments are in their original boxes in mint condition unless otherwise stated as follows:
NB=No box
DB=Damaged box
SDB=Slightly damaged box
BNT=Box is mint, but no original price tag
MIB=Mint in box (Sometimes we'll put this next to rare ornaments just to confirm that the ornament is indeed Mint in Box)

Ornament Mall has an extensive collection of
Hallmark ornaments! Whether you are looking for a specific ornament or just browsing, this is the place for you.
We are not affiliated with Hallmark Cards, Inc. or Hallmark.com. We are a secondary market dealer of Hallmark ornaments, not a Hallmark store.

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1987 Windows Of The World 3rd (NB)
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Ornament Mall is in no way affiliated with Hallmark Cards, Inc. or Hallmark.com. We are a dealer of secondary market Hallmark collectibles with an emphasis on Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.


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